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Knee Pain in Children

Knee PainIs your child experiencing knee pain? Is the pain associated with walking, jumping, hopping, or any type of foot and lower limb activity?

If so, your child may be suffering from either of these 2 disorders:

Patello-Femoral pain syndrome is best defined as knee pain among children, particularly teenagers, in which the knee cap grinds across the joint of the leg and knee. On the other hand, Osgood-Schlatter’s disease, which is also known as a growth plate ailment, is a painful condition affecting the lower legs of kids and adolescents.

In cases when those 2 disorders are not present, knee pain among children may be caused by the kneecap moving in an unbalanced motion, i.e. tossing itself too far outside of the knee area. This triggers the thighbone and surrounding cartilages to receive more pressure, which eventually may cause the pain on the knee. Such scenario is quite common to physically active growing children.

Another cause of knee pain is if the growing child has tight muscles on the thigh. The muscles on the thighs or quadriceps, when they are too tight, will push the kneecap against the thighbone resulting to knee pain.

The best thing to do when your child experiences prolonged knee pain is to seek an appointment with your physician or a qualified healthcare practitioner who focuses on lower limb disorders.

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