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Neck pain is very common, and for those who suffer from it there’s just one thing you want to know:

“Why Me?”

Good question. Why is the pain lasting for up to six months or more? Why is it just not letting up?

Do you wake up thinking “today is the day” that your neck pain will disappear and that everything will go back to normal? Are you telling yourself things can only get better even though nothing is changing? You aren’t alone in your thinking, and here at Freedom Physio and Pilates we see countless patients with the same mind-set. But the truth is, nothing is changing by waiting for tomorrow; how much longer can you believe it will?

Maybe though, you’re in another group of sufferers: those who visit the doctor only to be prescribed painkillers. Far from being a cure, these prescriptions only hide the pain, increasing the recovery time, and debilitating the patient further. Even worse, the doctor might even increase the dosage after six months with even more devastating results.

Do either of these scenarios ring a bell? Is this you?

After so many years in the physiotherapy world, we have seen countless patients confused about how to deal with their problems, and worse still, what their problems actually are! There is so much conflicting information out there – so many doctors with so many pills, so many online sites, YouTube videos, and millennial advice – that it’s sometimes incredibly hard to figure out exactly what the issue is. How do you know you have neck pain and not shoulder pain? And why is the discomfort lasting so much longer than it ought to?

Does This Sound Like you?

If so, take a look at the 7 most common reasons why your pain might be lasting longer than it should:

  • 1. You’ve never actually thought about what really hurts. That’s right. Does your shoulder, your neck, or your back hurt? And since you haven’t really figured that out, you haven’t been able to cure the root cause of the problem.
  • 2. You’ve waited for the pain to go away – and it hasn’t. This has only made things worse.
  • 3. You been taking painkillers in the hope that things will get better. They haven’t. And they won’t. Painkillers only hide the problem for a short amount of time.
  • 4. Your family or loved ones have told you it’s natural, that everyone gets old, and that you have to live with it. It isn’t, and you don’t have to.
  • 5. You’ve used TENS machines, hot packs, or ice packs, but to no avail.
  • 6. You’ve tried massages, hoping that things would get better. They haven’t.
  • 7. You’ve rested the painful area only to find that things have gotten worse and that your recovery time has doubled.

If you’ve gone through any (or all) of the above, we invite you to book a call with one of our qualified, professional, supportive, and friendly physiotherapists to find out how our team at Freedom Physio and Pilates can help you. The call is free of charge, without obligation, and with no risk whatsoever. Remember, the fact that you’re here reading this, and the fact that you’ve gone through the above, means that you are on your way to getting rid of that pain. If you’re interested in talking to one of our excellent physiotherapists, feel free to click the button below.

You’re on your way to finding a solution for your pain, and now you want to know HOW DO TO IT.

“How do I heal this pain” is something we are asked by our new patients almost daily.

Here are 4 ways you can tackle the issue and start living the pain-free life you deserve:

  • 1. Don’t procrastinate for another second. You’ve waited so long for the pain to disappear and each passing day your disappointment just grows. Stop waiting. The first step in the healing process is to make a resolute decision to get help. That’s right. The pain isn’t going to go away on its own. Something HAS to be done.
  • 2. Get a professional, caring, ‘hands-on’ physiotherapist who can lead you in the direction of a pain-free life. Physiotherapy is the single most effective way of treating neck pain, and alongside the exercises prescribed, hands-on treatment, and ongoing support, you’ll recover in no time. Here at Freedom Physio and Pilates we see so many new patients being affected by their pain: their jobs suffer, their family life takes a back seat, and their activity level drops considerably. We do not want this to be you! If your independence is being effected, your sleep is being disturbed, or you just can’t get back into the swing of things because of your pain, physiotherapy is the best possible route you can take.
  • 3. Do some meaningful exercises. Those stretches you receive from your physio are invaluable to your road to recovery. Doing them as instructed will jump start your journey to health. Alongside these exercises, though, you can try doing things like Pilates, daily walking, and swimming. Ask your physiotherapist about the best options for you!
  • 4. Stop sleeping or sitting in awkward positions. One of the main reasons neck related pain can flair up or be irritated is because of the ways in which we position our bodies when we sleep or sit. Be aware of your posture at all times and make sure you are getting up regularly during your work day – try to incorporate a stretch or two during your lunch break, or even take a little walk around the office before having that coffee! Your physio will advise you on the appropriate posture and strengthening exercises you need. 

If you’re ready to live the pain-free life you deserve, you’re excited about healing the problem area, and you want to know more about how the dedicated and professional team at Freedom Physio and Pilates can help you, then we invite you to book a discovery session at our clinic, completely free of charge. Your ‘discovery’ session is entirely risk free and there is absolutely no obligation. We want to help you – call TODAY!

Note: This Free Discovery Session is something that we offer to people who are very nervous or skeptical about Physiotherapy - unsure of its benefits or if it is right for them. If that sounds like you, then please start with a free taster session so that we can work with you to find out what is wrong and what can be done - without any financial risk on your part.

How, Then, Can Seeing A Physiotherapist At Freedom Physio And Pilates Help You Get Rid Of Neck Pain?

  • We can quickly and effectively tell you exactly what’s wrong. You won’t have to guess at the issue anymore. And once you know what the problem is, the healing truly begins.
  • We’ll get you off of those painkillers – these are extremely harmful and, if anything, thwart attempts at recovery.
  • We will reduce your stiffness and pain dramatically – all that within just a couple of sessions!
  • We will make sure that your problem is healed at the root cause. That is, we will safely, effectively, and successfully rectify and heal the problem area. This will MAINTAIN a lack of pain.
  • We will give you personally tailored, effective exercises so that you can continue on your path to health at home.
  • We will keep you out of the doctor’s waiting room by getting you back to health ASAP. No more harmful painkillers for you!
  • We will help you avoid potentially devastating neck surgery.
  • We will give you back the life you deserve, that is, one full of energy, independence, and activity.
  • We will make sure you get back to spending time with family and friends. We know how important this is to you.
  • We will give you back restful nights. No more tossing and turning for you!

Overall, here at Freedom Physio and Pilates we believe you deserve to live the life you dream about. Pain and stiffness can hamper your attempts at being active, spending time with family and friends, being as mobile as you like, or even just sleeping well – that’s why we want to help you live a life free from the annoyance of daily pain and discomfort caused by neck pain.

If you’re interested in living the pain-free life we know you deserve, we invite you to contact us today. For information about costs, availability, and so much more, click below and fill out the simple form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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