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Welcome to our New Website

Hey, everybody. Welcome to our new website. You may have noticed, if you've seen the old site, it's very, very different. This website is all about helping you make a better decision about your physical health. So, the way it's structured is there's lots of little videos of me, unfortunately, with my messy hair and whatnot, talking about a few little things like neck pain, back pain, knee pain.

But more importantly, the site is structured to help you make a better decision about your health. So, if you have a look, you'll notice that there's a lot of invitations in that site to make a telephone appointment to talk to a physiotherapist to discuss the nature of your problems, what your goals and ambitions are. And we also provide a unique, free half-hour, and even sometimes a one-hour discovery session where you can book, come in, and talk to myself about any number of physical ailments that you have.

Our role and our passion is to help people make better decisions about their physical health. We passionately believe that a lot of people are having unnecessary scans. They're taking too much medication, they're taking the wrong medication. They're being referred for unnecessary surgical opinion. In the meantime, there are some fairly simple things that we can help people with. So, the whole aim of this website - and it's a work in progress - is to provide you with the information to help you make a better decision and the right decision. And we're here to help you with that process. Hopefully, the free telephone consults, the free discovery sessions enable you to have more confidence to speak to a physiotherapist about what is possible, and to also help people meet our team and to decide whether we're a good fit for you.

So, this is a huge change in our practice. We sort of flipped the lid a little bit, we're putting it all back to you. And it's all about, I guess, you as a person that we believe there's a better way. We honestly believe that there's a much better way to help people. We've been working with, you know, we're getting away from the traditional 20-minute physio consultation. We're now spending upwards of 60 to 90 minutes with people because there's a very strong belief in this little community of ours that time is everything, and that's what we're here for.

We look forward to your feedback. Any comments about the site, anything at all, just leave a comment below. And this blog itself is a video blog or vlog, as the video guy likes to call it. Hopefully, this will be a weekly occurrence and we can provide you with the information you need. Thank you for watching.

Joshua Hayter, MAPA, B.Physio
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